Certified PEFC™ and FSC® Timber

Inter-Line supports both FSC® & PEFC™ and recognises them an independent Forest Certification Systems and has achieved certification for both - our certification codes are as follows:

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council® - SA-COC-001691 License Code FSC-C015918
PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification - SA-PEFC/COC-001691

You can be sure that when you buy timber or timber-based products labelled with those all-important letters FSC® or PEFC you are saying NO to the destruction of the world's forests and YES - to responsibly and well managed forests & woodlands.

The benefits of selling FSC® & PEFC Certified products are that it provides added value to the product, giving it a verifiable social and environmental quality; demonstrates that Inter-Line take the environmental concerns of our customers and staff seriously and also it assists with continued market access in an increasingly environmentally aware sector. Inter-Line are certified by an independent certification body (the Soil Association) who carry out audits on a regular basis to ensure we are only selling timber as certified if we purchased it as certified.

Copies of our certificates  
FSC® Certificate (Link to PDF)
PEFC Certificate (Link to PDF)