Firmahold Straight Gun Nails

90mm Straight Gun Nails (CFGT90G)

£30.99 +VAT

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Speedfit Barrier Pipe

Speedfit 15BPEX-20X3L 15mm X 3mtr Barrier Pipe

£3.23 +VAT

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Expamet Power Tie

Expamet Power Tie (225mm Wall tie) Type 4 (Box of 250)

£17.87 +VAT

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Armstead Trade Contract Matt

Armstead Trade Contract Matt White / Magnolia (10Ltr)

£13.49 +VAT

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Irwin 20" Universal Jack Hand Saw

Irwin 20" Universal Jack Hand Saw 880UHP

£6.45 +VAT

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Thompsons Water Seal

Thompsons Water Seal (5ltr)

£13.63 +VAT

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Dickies Dealer Safety Boot

Dickies Dealer Safety Boot Black (All Sizes)

£21.95 +VAT

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Yellow Hi-Vis Waistcoat (All Sizes)

Yellow Hi-Vis Waistcoat - All Sizes

£2.49 +VAT

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Evo-Stick Gripfill 350ml

Evo-Stick Gripfill 350ml (Single)

£1.99 +VAT

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Geocel Top Gun Silicone Sealant

Top Gun All Purpose White / Clear Silicone Sealant 310ml

£1.99 +VAT

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Feb General Purpose PVA

Feb General Purpose PVA Glue (5Kg)

£6.49 +VAT

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Expamet Angle Bead

Expamet 553 2.4mtr Galvanised thin coat Angle Bead

£0.99 +VAT

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Expamet Joist Hanger

Expamet ST47 Standard Leg Joist Hanger

£0.49 +VAT

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Timco Classic Professional C2 Screw

Timco Classic C2 Professional Screw 5.0x100mm (Box of 100)

£6.99 +VAT

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Timco C2 Classic Decking Screw

Timco C2 Decking Screw Tx20 Green 4.5 x 65mm (Tub of 250)

£7.99 +VAT

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