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Inter-Line Building Supplies: Leading the Way with Our Vehicle Fleet

Unparalleled Fleet Excellence:

At Inter-Line, our unique distinction arises from our dedicated vehicle fleet. We go beyond depending on external services – our robust collection of vehicles is meticulously maintained in our workshops by a specialized transport team. This dedication to in-house transport not only sets us apart but guarantees timely, efficient, and professional delivery services for our esteemed customers.

Key Features of Our Fleet:

Versatility in Range: We offer a versatile selection, from 3.5-tonne vehicles ideal for smaller loads to impressive 26-tonne giants tailored for heavy-duty tasks.

HIABs Mastery: Our HIABs possess exceptional capabilities, with a reach extending up to 10.3 meters, allowing them to move materials weighing up to 4 tonnes.

Specialised Vehicle Expertise: Our fleet showcases versatility, boasting cranes equipped with both grabbers and hooks for diverse handling needs.

Robust Carrying Capacities: Our vehicles excel with remarkable load capacities, some boasting up to an impressive 13.5 tonnes, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of a wide range of customer goods.

A Glimpse of Our Fleet:

  • MAN 10-tonne: Payload capacity of 4100KGS.
  • MAN Crane 26-tonne: Payload capacity of 13550KGS.
  • MAN Tipper/Crane 18-tonne: Payload capacity of 9220KGS.
  • Mercedes Tipper 5-tonne: Designed for loads up to 2370KGS. And many more, including service vans, tippers, cranes, and specialized vehicles.
Unlocking the Inter-Line Advantage:

In the realm of building supplies, our transport prowess is pivotal in preventing project disruptions. By entrusting us with your requirements, you’re embracing the peace of mind that comes from a self-reliant, efficient, and expansive vehicle fleet. Experience the assurance of dependable delivery with Inter-Line.