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Open a Cash Account for Exclusive Discounts and Expertise

You Don't Need to be 'In The Trade' for a Cash Account - THEY ARE OPEN TO ALL

Welcome to Inter-Line, your one-stop destination for all your DIY and Trade needs! We understand the importance of having the right materials, tools, and advice when it comes to DIY projects. That’s why we are inviting you to open a cash account with us and enjoy exclusive benefits tailored just for you.

Exclusive Discounts

Get your hands on our wide range of products at discounted prices across the range. By opening a cash account, you will receive exclusive discounts that will make your DIY projects more affordable. Whether you are renovating your home, building a shed, or tackling any other DIY project, you will find everything you need at the best prices.

Expert Advice

At Inter-Line, we pride ourselves on providing first-class expertise and knowledge for all aspects of trade and DIY. Our specialists are always on hand to guide you through your projects, no matter how big or small. From choosing the right materials to calculating the quantities required, our sales specialists will ‘quote you happy’ with the best prices for your projects.

Delivery Service

Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting heavy and bulky materials. With our amazing delivery service, you can have all your materials delivered right to your doorstep, even in the most hard-to-reach places. Our company-owned fleet is capable of delivering materials of all sizes and weights, ensuring your project stays on track.

Ready to start your DIY journey with Inter-Line?

Open a cash account today and unlock a world of benefits! From exclusive discounts to expert advice and convenient delivery, we have everything you need to make your DIY projects a success

Opening a Cash Account couldn’t be easier – with no need for any credit checks, just download the form and drop it in to your local branch today!